Colorado Wood Flag
Colorado Wood Flag
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Colorado Wood Flag

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The Colorado flag is made up of three horizontal stripes; deep blue stripes separated by a white stripe.  The blue stripes represent the blue skies, while the white stripe represents the snow capped mountains.  On top of the tri-stripe background is a red "C" representing the "ruddy" earth, filled with a golden circle representing abundant sunshine.  The bold and vibrant colors make this flag stand out.

Our Colorado state flag is built using multiple layers of premium pine that has been hand selected for its grain pattern.  This isn't a mass produced CNC cut flag, each piece is hand cut and painted. As with all of our flags, we remain true to official government size specifications and colors.  The flag features a satin polyurethane finish and is suitable for display both indoors and out.  

Delivery/Pickup: Each flag is hand built and takes approximately 2 - 3 weeks to produce.

Flag Dimensions:

Small: 24" wide x 16" tall
Medium: 36" wide x 24" tall
Large: 48" wide x 32" tall

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